Now this is seriously a crappy game. How did you even find this?
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» indefinite hiatus/blog end

lately i’ve had some really serious issues

among them, serious depression and anxiety to the point of breakdowns/panic attacks, borderline anorexic habits as well as just being quite sick right now with some form of seasonal flu or whatever. so yeah.

i want to continue this blog. i still draw vitti sometimes but i haven’t wanted to post anything unless it was an update or “decent”. so i’m sorry loves. if i find the motivation to, i will continue. but with everything in life going on besides my personal problems, i don’t see it happening soon.

tl;dr i have a lot of issues and can’t continue right now. i won’t delete, hopefully at some point in time i can come back. we’ll see.

i love you darlings. i’m sorry if i disappointed you.

i’m still active on my other blog, catgolashes. i post art there, as well as my dA.


I made a Homestuck Troll Creator Game! There’s at least over 200 combos for stuff, so you can go nuts. It’s a little laggy, but I’m working on fixing that.

Click <here> to play! Any feedback is welcome, and if you want to I’d love to see what you make.

Recent activities for mod. c:

Love ya. I’ve been in a cheery mood today, so.. Have some art.



Putting aside the fact that the actual game menu face is a little off putting, you flick through the options. Which will you choose?

The loading screen is sort of pretty, you suppose.

» Attention! Cat is back, and here to stay!


But that’s right, folks! Vitamin’s mod is here and I’m hoping it’s to stay. I’m working on a sketch to get an update going right now, and hopefully within the next 24 hours I’ll have it up for you guys and ready to go. Are you as excited as I am?

I’m still keeping the original game context I wanted when I first tried restarting. But it’s going to be a touch different. 

I’ll keep a list of things to do here, and you all can watch as I update and post quick previews/sketches! Thanks for sticking with me this far. 

Wish me luck, and thanks for being such darlings. I hope I’m back for good, so see you soon!

-Cat and Vitium